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Jennifer Lacarriere has spent the past decade in the medical profession, with extensive experience in the cardiac unit and maternity wards. Aside from contributing to medicine, Jennifer Lacarriere is passionate about expanding her learning and teaching others. 

Medical Advancements

Learn about the latest medical advancements and research in the medical space. 

Maternity and Motherhood

Learn about maternity and motherhood as well as what you might expect in the maternity ward. 

Caring for Your Community

Learn about ways you can care for your community by contributing to healthcare, active living and community engagement. 

Jennifer LaCarriere

"My commitment, perseverance, initiative and concern for others has helped me in the medical profession."

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“A sense of compassion and a willingness to give back to the community is what drives me to do better every day.” 

Jennifer Lacarriere

Jennifer Lacarriere in the Media

Jennifer Lacarriere has been featured in digital publications worldwide for her work in the healthcare profession, as well as her passion for community engagement and helping those around her. Click on the button below to view Jennifer’s latest features and to learn more about her work in the community and beyond. 

“Nothing feels better than advocating for quality healthcare and better patient outcomes.” 

Jennifer Lacarriere

Jennifer Lacarriere

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